‘My Favourite Husband’ by Pam McCutcheon

10.my favourite husband_pam mccutcheonRating: 3/5 stars

“After five years of being lost in the Amazon, archaeologist Chaz Vincent has finally come home to his wife, Kelly, only to learn that she has had him declared dead. When he attends his own funeral, Chaz finds out that Kelly married another man just that morning. Now she has to choose between them. Who will be her favorite husband?”

Good fun, a light read belying the fact that our lead character needs to make a very serious decision. I can easily see this being produced as a Hollywood romantic comedy!

Chaz grinned at her and spread his arms wide. “Hi, honey. I’m ho-oome.” Joy filled her. Her husband was alive! Horror filled her. Her husband was waiting in the Pourtales honeymoon suite. Ohmigod, what do I do?”

Kelly Richmond Vincent Preston, who had just married her second husband, Spencer Preston, was at her first husband’s (Charles “Chaz” Vincent) funeral when he makes a theatric entrance, apparently coming back from the dead. As if that wasn’t complicated enough for our heroine, the media has gotten wind of this juicy news and is stalking them. To top it all off, a woman that Chaz has spent in captivity with, Amalia Garcia, makes an appearance and declares that she is to be wed to Chaz. I wouldn’t want to be in Kelly’s shoes, though I certainly wouldn’t mind being an audience!

What I love most about this book is the character Scott Richmond, Kelly’s brother. His role is mainly as Kelly’s confidant and the clown in our story. Imagine you’re having a crisis, and there’s someone who nudges the situation so that it becomes ridiculously hilarious. Here’s what Pam McCutcheon has to say about Scott:

“Scott Richmond, Kelly’s brother, wasn’t intended to be in the original story but I had to have someone for my heroine to talk to, so he chimed in, then wouldn’t leave.”

Our author’s writing style is laid back and humorous in this novel. There are uses of ‘Ohmigod’ and ‘Fergawdsakes’ that would normally make me cringe but in this novel, I think it adds to the atmosphere and overall tone. The only issue with this book that ultimately makes me rate it as a 3-stars instead of a 4-stars is the repetitive use of certain words such as consternation, cajoling, and ungracious. About halfway through, when I encounter these words for the first time, I have that nagging feeling I was going to see them again pretty soon.

As for the plot, I thought it was original but it appears that ‘My Favourite Husband’ was inspired by the 1940 movie ‘My Favourite Wife‘.

“But the question is, who will she be loyal to? The man who left her to her own devices while he had adventures all over the world… or the man who stayed here by her side?”

Guess you’d have to read to find out. Hurry and grab the first instalment in its series ‘Romantic Comedy Duo’ while it’s free on Kindle, Kobo, and NOOK! (at least at the time when this review is posted – I got mine for free on Kindle 😉). It’s excellent as a stand-alone, but I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the next ones in this series.

Genre(s): Fiction; Romance; Women’s Fiction; Chick Lit; Contemporary

Pages: 320

Published: October 2014 by Parker Hayden Media

Goodreads | Barnes & Noble | Amazon US | Amazon AU | Amazon CA |Amazon UK | Kindle US | Kobo | NOOK

About the Author:

Writes in various genres from non-fiction, futuristic, time-travel to romantic comedy. You can find her writing under pen names Pamela Luzier and Parker Blue also. She lives in Colorado Springs with her rescue dogs. Find her on Facebook or read more about Pam McCutcheon on her official website.


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