Bookmarks & Blue Light Rating System

5 stars : Read this NOW, um pretty please?

4 stars: Wonderful read. The only reason it’s not a 5-star is that I’m most likely comparing it with another book (within the same genre) that I loved even more.

3 stars: An okay read for me. Worth my time but wouldn’t read it again.

2 stars: No longer worth my time to fulfil my reading tastes. I feel this one needs a lot more work.

1 star : I’m struggling too much to finish this. Too many things don’t agree with me.

DNF: Pretty self-explanatory. All or most aspects push me away from this book, meaning I’m not a target reader.

Who am I?

Friends call me Atiqah. I was recently blessed with a beautiful little angel, making me a stay-at-home mom (and loving it). I’m bilingual, with English as the second and reading books was (mostly) how I learned it – thanks to my mom who got me into the habit of reading as early as I can remember.

Why book review blog?

I love reading – one doesn’t need another reason to start a book review blog. Well, I’ve been itching to do this since my undergraduate years. It’s interesting to see what lessons and points people take away from a book. Shows what’s buzzing in their heads, and this blog is a way to document my own thoughts on a book.

What sort of books will I review in this blog?

The menu on this blog gives you an idea – I enjoy mystery/thriller and fantasy/ya the most but I’ve been known to enjoy other genres and the occasional nonfiction.