Lost Library (#1) by Kate Baray

Rating: 3/5 stars

Published: 14 April 2014 by Marty Thornley

Genre(s): Paranormal Romance; Urban Fantasy

Pages: 262 (ebook)

Lizzie led a normal life…until the Book arrived.

Author Kate Baray begins her new paranormal romance series with Lost Library, a tale of werewolves, magic, adventure and romance.
John Braxton arrives unannounced on Lizzie’s doorstep. Little does she know that when she invites him for a drink on the porch, Lizzie opens the door to a secret world of Lycan, magic, spelled books, and a power hungry mastermind. Caught up in one man’s search for power, Lizzie soon begins to uncover surprising secrets about her own past and powers—but not before stumbling upon a library like no other. And romance with a serious but sexy Lycan? It might just happen…

Take a romp through the life of the quirky and well-meaning Lizzie as she discovers exactly what it means to live with magic.

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Painless by Marty Thornley

Rating: 4/5 stars

Published: 12 January 2018 by Marty Thornley

Genre(s): Horror; Mystery Thriller

Pages: 284 (eARC)

The debut psychological-horror novel from author Marty Thornley is a page-turning ride, a front row seat to a clinical trial gone horribly wrong. 

For Greg Owens, this was supposed to be a chance to end years of back pain and escape his reliance on pain pills. If it all worked out, he could maybe even get back the life he left behind as the pills took control.

Instead, as the patients are cured of their physical pain, they encounter a different sort of pain building inside them – obsessive thoughts, depression, self-destruction. The side-effects grow worse, and the suspense ratchets tighter. The patients want answers and violent revenge, setting them on a collision course with a crazed doctor, determined to protect his life’s obsession.

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You’ve Got Tail (Peculiar Mysteries, #1) by Renee George

73.you've got tail_renee george

Rating: 3/5 stars

Published: 7 September 2015 by Barkside of the Moon Press

Genre(s): Cozy mystery; Paranormal Romance; Fantasy

Pages: 315 (ebook)

Welcome to Peculiar, Missouri!

Sunny Haddock, an animal-loving vegetarian psychic, is stoked to leave California behind to start a new life in the Ozark town of Peculiar with her best friend Chavvah Trimmel. She ups the moving date when Chav goes missing, and Sunny high tails it to the small town. What Sunny doesn’t realize is that she’s moving into a community of were-shifters, and they don’t want a human resident. Especially one dumb enough to arrive a couple of days before the full moon — the only night of the month shifters have to take their pure animal forms.

When the gorgeous Babel Trimmel, Chav’s younger brother, (along with the sheriff, the mayor, and some other nice folk) suggests Sunny haul her U-haul and butt back out of town, she’s undeterred. Her psychic abilities might be out-of-whack, and blood makes her faint, but she’s not a quitter. Besides, she’s not about to go anywhere until she finds out what happened to Chavvah.

But Sunny has more to deal with than unfriendly townsfolk… like disturbing killer visions and the dog-like animal no one else sees that seems to be stalking her every move. To make matters worse, she is finding Babel to be more irresistible than crack on a donut.

Sunny needs to get her ability and her hormones under control if she wants to solve the mystery and save her best friend.

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The Speed Reading Book by Tony Buzan

46.speed reading book_tony buzan
Rating: 5/5 stars. Recommended!

Published: July 25th 2006 by BBC Active (First published 1971)

Genre(s): Non fiction; Self help; Psychology; Education; Productivity

Pages: 221 (Paperback)

Dealing with speed reading, this work enables you to apply it to various aspects of your life. It is useful for students, teachers, executives – indeed, anyone eager to improve the speed, comprehension and quality of their reading.

Do you love results? I do too, especially when I can see it with numbers. That’s all I’m expecting out of this book. And I got it.

Why am I reading this? I’m taking a leaf out of Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins and that is to model successful people. Simply put, I want to read more than what I’m currently doing right now. At my previous pace, it’s average, it’s fair. I want to be more than average. If in a month I can finish the equivalent of, let’s say, at least 2 more books, that’s 24 more per year and hundreds in a lifetime. That’s a whole lot of information and knowledge I could be missing out on. So, continuing on the journey I’ve embarked on in bettering myself – The Speed Reading Book seems like the perfect step.Read More »

Judge Walden: Back in Session by Peter Murphy

63.judge walden bis_peter murphy
Rating: 4/5 stars

Published: October 1st 2018 by Oldcastle Books

Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery

Pages: 416 (eARC – Kindle)

Resident judge Charlie Walden is back, to preside over five new cases from the Bermondsey Crown Court. Retired resident judge Peter Murphy takes us back to the world of criminal trials in South London, with Charlie keeping the peace between his fellow judges—Marjorie, “Legless” and Hubert—while fighting off attacks of the Grey Smoothies, the civil servants who seem intent on reducing the court’s dwindling resources to vanishing point in the name of “business cases” and “value for money.” Fortunately, he has Jeanie and Elsie’s lattes and ham and cheese baps, and newspaper vendor George’s witty banter, to sustain him in the mornings; and in the evenings, the Delights of the Raj, or La Bella Napoli, to enjoy with the Reverend Mrs. Walden.

This book was entertaining in a charming way. To give you an idea, I would describe it as having the Old English feel. At least, that’s what I think as an outsider but I’m no expert.

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Mountain of Lies (The Pack, #1) by Jayne Evans

65.mountain of lies_jayne evans
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Rating: 4/5 stars

Published: December 18th 2016 by Jayne Evans

Genre(s): Fiction; Thriller; Suspense; Romantic Suspense

Pages: 195 (Kindle)

When your life is built on a mountain of lies, the truth can be fatal.

Pinned by a rock slide while conducting an environmental impact study in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, Mia Blackmore figures karma has finally caught up to her. Actually, she’s surprised she got away with her crime this long.

When a rough-looking man with a French-Canadian accent nearly steps on her head, rescue seems just a fingertip away—then the slope shifts again, sending them both hurtling down the mountain.

The slide may have freed the auburn-haired woman, but undercover cop Hudson McClure still needs to keep her safe from the thugs who think he’s one of their own. The gang isn’t going to give up looking for their downed helicopter full of drugs. And, as it turns out, Mia and her decidedly wolfish dog, Neville, are his best shot getting to the crash first.

Mia’s descent into Hudson’s dangerous world is like a landslide she is powerless to stop. Though her talent staying cool under pressure exceeds even Hudson’s own, there’s a hunted look in her evergreen eyes that warns him she’s hiding something—or from something. He just never anticipated her secrets could decide whether they get off the mountain alive…or in body bags.

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The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

72.the seven death of evelyn hardcastle_stuart turton
Rating: 5/5 stars. Highly recommended!

Published: September 18th 2018 by Sourcebooks Landmarks

Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery; Thriller

Pages: 432 (eARC – Kindle)

The Rules of Blackheath
Evelyn Hardcastle will be murdered at 11:00 p.m.

There are eight days, and eight witnesses for you to inhabit.
We will only let you escape once you tell us the name of the killer.
Understood? Then let’s begin…


Evelyn Hardcastle will die. Every day until Aiden Bishop can identify her killer and break the cycle. But every time the day begins again, Aiden wakes up in the body of a different guest. And some of his hosts are more helpful than others…

The most inventive debut of the year twists together a mystery of such unexpected creativity it will leave readers guessing until the very last page.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been approved for this title on NetGalley. Thank you so much Sourcebooks Landmarks 😭.

Our main character gets stuffed into different hosts every day, fated to relive the same day until he runs out of hosts or solves the murder. Each has their own characteristics and personality that influences our hero’s decisions, which can be either a boon or doom for Aiden Bishop. The big question is: What if he fails? Read More »